About Talsha

One word can pretty much sum up who I am, “MOM”. I like to think of myself as a “moving mom” of 3 little, but very active boys. My oldest son is 5 years old. In his 5 years, he has lived in 6 different houses, in 2 different states, in 5 different cities, and 1 different country. Maybe Daddy being a US Marine would explain that unique part of our lives. The other part is no different from any other normal family – loud, busy, and crazy. Yet, with all the craziness, sharing something warm and something sweet at the end of the day describes home for us. And for MOM, home is definitely where the heart makes memories. I have many great memories with great people in great places that are usually shared with great food. I like to call them “food memories”. My goal through sharing recipes and kitchen tips here is to help you create great “food memories” too.


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